Funky Fashion

Personal style is all about you and who You are. I like to take a trend and twist it into my own.

Sometimes you need to think outside the box, and figure out a way to turn that look into something unique that no one else has thought of.

Accessories are extremely important in making your outfit complete. This is what will flip the trend into your own personal style.

Have fun with this fashion tip! Get up, get dressed, and feel good about yourself!

Your truly…Anita Fashion Stylist

Photos by Anita Fashion Stylist



Skateboard Culture

Through my studies of Photography, I have discovered the wonderful world of the skateboarder, thanks to my son Landon, who is a talented skater in his own right.

There is nothing more exciting than capturing a movement at its best, and what better place to capture an action shot than at the skate park? So off to the skatepark I went, camera in hand to put my photography exercises to work.

What I discovered by mistake was a brotherhood of athletes that encourages one another and helps each other land these amazing tricks. I became fascinated with the culture, with every effort to land a trick, hitting the concrete, beating themselves up over and over… I get it! They share a common ground, they are all driven and passionate for skating.

If you frequent the skateparks, there is one person you may see there and I had the pleasure of meeting him. The fashion-forward, awesome skateboard fashionist-o, Michael Ostrom! Being a fashionista, myself and obsessed with the current skate-scene, I was intrigued to pick his brain on skating and style.

Mike was raised in California and was heavy into the punk scene, so of course it would make sense that band shirts primarily dominate his wardrobe. There are so many styles to a skateboarder. From baggy to form fitting, I personally love them all! Mike also confirmed that there are no rules really, rather the style of the skater-look is based on his/her preference.

Shoes are extremely important to the skater. The foot work is key to gripping and controlling the board in order to execute the trick. Mike has a thin build and prefers the skinnier side of jeans! He told me, “I’m not a fan of baggy clothes, the availability for zombies & normaloids to grab you is greatly reduced in snugger clothing.”

The brands that appeal to him are Baker, Emerica, & ZERO.  These brands are pretty exclusive to the skateboard culture and are large in our local scene. Luckily for him, he had the opportunity to skate and chill with a couple of their team riders!

Mike is a local skateboard guru/ sales associate at Zumiez in Grand Junction, Colorado, where we shop frequently. I was exceptionally impressed with his people skills when I first met him, and his knowledge on the brands of the skateboard world is immense. I mean the guy has been skating for 20 years… he knows his stuff! Mike’s wit and charm is inviting and contagious, you just want to hang out with the guy!

I recently had the pleasure of shooting these photos of Mike. I quickly realized the skill and grace to his years of skating, he truly is a natural. Shooting these photos was the most fun I have ever had on a photoshoot hands down! Thanks for being my model!

Now creeping up on the age of 28, and a father of two children. He has seen trends come and go, but one trend that you should definitely check out are Mike’s custom vests! Your awesome my friend! We will be seeing you soon!

Royal Outerwear


If your into fashion, hair, makeup, photography, this is the place to be in Colorado. Denver Fashion Weekend, a place to network and meet fabulous individuals like this young man I had the honor of working with.

Hunter Higgins moved here to Colorado from Wisconsin because of his love for snow sports. He is also into skateboarding.

His clothing line Royal Outerwear represents his passion for fashion, art, and the sports that he loves. His streetwear meets sporty style is not only fashionably groovy, but brilliant as well. You can actually move with comfort and look stylish at the same time. Clever… RIGHT! I for one can’t wait for this line to hit the streets. I’ve already picked my pieces from his collection out and am ready to rock them into the next century!

While busy with school,  Hunter is moving forward on building his Outerwear brand. His dream of opening his own store is just around the corner. If you’re into fashion, sports, and comfort your going to want to be the first to wear his designs.

DFW was his first show, and he knocked it out of the park! I for one witnessed the ROAR of the crowd when his models hit the catwalk with his sporty, streetwear designs! You should be proud my friend.

The exposure that Mr. Higgins received from DFW was incredible. He told me that he is looking forward to more shows like that. Congratulations on your first show! Your dream is coming true!

Be sure to check Hunter and Royal Outerwear out at; Facebook Royal OuterwearInstagram @Royalouterwear; Twitter @Royalouterwear.

Choosing The Right Outfit

I love shopping at Cherry Creek! I get excited  the closer I get! I can smell a mall at least a mile away!

I happened to be surfing the internet on bebe’s website a week before I hit the road to Denver. I like to pick my shopping out before hand. Get the BANG for your BUCK. Sure is a smart way to shop. I just knew that this would look fab together.

This young lady was so helpful when it came to locating the goods in the store. Crystal was her name. I love it when you only have a minimal amount of time, and the sale associate does her job!

I whipped through Cherry Creek like a freakin tornado! Down the check list I went. I do believe going to fashion styling school has made me a whole lot smarter at shopping. Now every item in my closet has a purpose. I can do the same for you too.

No one likes to waist their hard earned money. It helps when you can map out your plan of attack. Make every penny count.

Your truly, Anita Fashion Stylist



My Blast From The Past

I’m an old girl. I’ve been around the block a time ot two! I’ve had the passion for fashion and art since I was an itty bitty!

I was a string bean as a young kid with long legs and practically no waist. I remember my favorite pair of pants. I would wear them every day if I could. I grew out of the length but not the waist. Still wouldn’t give ’em up. I continued to wear them even though I could cross the Colorado River and not have to roll them up! You get the picture!? I pretty much invented gauchos….so I thought. Point is… I have always had my own way of styling.

Lets talk about the hair! I had my own views on hairstyles as well. I remember the first time I was forced to cut my hair off. I wore piggy tails to bed and then wouldn’t comb them out the next morning. I figure I invented dreads trend too! I went kicking and screaming all the way down to the local beauty school where the piggy tails were cut off! I looked like a Dutch boy. I kind of got used to the look and started to like looking like a boy. I was a tomboy anyway. I was sporting the Dutch boy look while my three older sisters had long beautiful hair. I was the black sheep for sure! Or something like that!

I’m not one to follow rules. Fashion sense is something you either have or don’t have. Finding your own personal style may come naturally like it does for me. If it doesn’t, don’t sweat it. That is what a personal stylist (like me) can do for you. As a stylist, I can enlighten you on the rules for all body types and help you learn what colors look fabulous on you.

What makes me different from other personal stylists is… I am a hairstylist and a make up artist. I’ve been in the beauty industry for 29 years. I can help you with a complete look from head to toe.








Enzen Designs

When you attend Denver Fashion Week, you are surrounded by some pretty amazing individuals. Whether they are models, the best-of-the-best hair stylists and makeup artists, and even designers. So while I was swimming in a sea of fashion-forward individuals, I ran into a particular young man that really stood out among the rest. He had so much flair and his effervescent personality was refreshing and genuine.

Joshua Lorenzen was a model in a segment at Denver Fashion Week that I just so happened to be apart of. At that time I had no idea that he was also a hairstylist and fashion designer! This young man is multitalented and driven!

As I talked with him, I got to know a little bit more about it and let me tell ya, this one is full of life!

Joshua takes no shorts cuts and has the perseverance unlike no other. Not only does he work as a hairstylist at West End Salon in Boulder, CO but Village Solo in Denver, CO also occupies his time and skills. While working at two salons, Joshua also seeks adventure.

Of course being a model, sometimes it helps to be active and Joshua clearly has no problem in that aspect of life. He once hiked the 500-mile-long Colorado trail… here’s the kicker… he did it in 36 days! The experience was life changing for him and he said it takes real focus and determination to be able to achieve such a grueling task. I for one, couldn’t agree more!

So far, we know that Joshua is busy with his career as a hair stylist, adventurist, and model… but he doesn’t stop there!

With a passion for fashion and all of the above, Mr. Lorenzen is also a fashion designer who is honing in on designing and growing his label, ENZEN DESIGNS! He told me that he would love to get his label to the point of having its own inline store, but he is also enjoying every step of growth that has been taking place and he is open to the possibilities of what it could become. I have no doubt that he is on his way to great things and I do believe that he has just begun to make his mark!

While working Denver Fashion Week, I was able to snag one of his hats straight off the runway! Oh Yeah!!! I want to extend a huge THANK YOU to Joshua Lorenzen, I will certainly cherish that one! Above are a few candid shots of Joshua walking the catwalk, and of us with our cool, Enzen cat hats!




Denver Fashion Weekend 2016


Denver Fashion Week Produced by Charlie Price, and 303Magazine. What an amazing event to have had a small part in.

As a hairstylist, I learned so much, I don’t even know where to begin! As a personal stylist, I am so inspired to see knew up and coming designers.

The hairstylist, makeup artist, fashion designers,models, photographers where all so very cool. There is so much talent going on back stage it FREAKS ME OUT!

Charlie Price is a genius! This man works so hard, and has true passion for his craft. The time and effort that goes into such a big production is HUGE! I cannot even wrap my head around it. What I do know… is I would not have been a part of this if it wasn’t for Charlie.

I see the admiration toward Charlie from people in the hair and fashion industry. Some have gone on to do such amazing things with their careers because of Charlie Price.

Thank you Charlie Price for letting me be a part of this amazing event!

Yours truly, Anita Fashion Stylist!

Rockin the sneaker

I have gained wisdom through my years of standing behind the chair as a hairdresser. I do know that my feet have to be happy. I became quite fond of the sneaker trend. Thank goodness for designers like Ateje 71 for giving us style with comfort! These leather sneaker over the knee boots go with so much wardrobe. The possibilities are endless!

So I encourage all of you people out there who stand all day in the work place to get into the sneaker trend.  Go out and find yourselves some cool, stylish, comfortable sneakers!


The amazing Ted Gibson


Another week working at Denver Fashion Week has been added to the books! To kick off an incredible week, I attended an amazing class taught by Ted Gibson! HOLY MOLY! I want to say I was so excited to meet this creative genius however, excited is a complete understatement!

Ted’s soothing voice and smooth demeanor will draw you in, hold your attention captive and leave you craving more of his is creative ingenuity. There is something so beautiful about his gentle way of hairdressing, it’s like a masterpiece being created right in front of you. What I learned in just a mere hour and half is worth a lifetime and I was itching to try the taught technique on someone!

Ted began his career in the hair industry as an instructor and from there he evolved into a magnificent hairdresser. His work has been showcased on the front cover of major magazines and has graced the heads of major celebrities such as, my hero, Angelina Jolie. In addition, Ted has been involved with New York Fashion Week, has an academy for higher education, and still works behind the chair at the New York Ted Gibson Salon! This man wears many hats, I’m telling you what!

His specialty is making women feel confident and beautiful. Like I said, there is something so tranquil about his presence, I can only dream of what its like to sit in his chair!

BE ON THE LOOKOUT! Ted is also launching his new line of hair products coming to salons soon! The 5 products in the Ted Gibson Starring have a very soft, natural scent that is lovely, and you can bet your bottom dollar I am eagerly awaiting the launch to get my hands on these amazing products!


Ted… THANK YOU for such an amazing opportunity and for gracing us all with your presence!

Yours Truly,

Anita McGrady